Also available with 0.000025" (25 millionths) (0.64µ) repeatability. Master Jaws move at perfect right angle to centerline of spindle.
Unit of Measure



N/A 4 Inch100 mm

Repeatability (Max. Concentricity)

N/A 0.000025" (25 millionths) (0.64µ) 0.0001 (2.5µ) T.I.R.

Repeatability (Max. End Lengths)

N/A 0.0001 (2.5µ) T.I.R.

Max. Jaw Opening

N/A 0.100 Inch2.54 mm

Force per Jaw

N/A 938 lb426 kg

Weight (with Aluminum Jaws)

N/A 6 1/3 lb2.88 kg

Weight (with Steel Jaws)

N/A 7 1/2 lb3.41 kg

Top Jaws

N/A Located on hardened steel pins in master jaws & secured by socket head cap screws



N/A Class 80 Ductile Cast Iron

Master Jaws

N/A Hardened Steel


N/A Hardened Steel

Air Cylinder

N/A Aluminum and Stainless Steel, O-Ring Sealed, incorporated into the chuck body